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URL rewrite engine

The URL rewrite engine changes your URL's to SEO and human friendly URL's using page names instead of "Default.aspx".

Spaces in tab names are replaced with dashes by default (can be configured).  Page names in URLS should NOT contain an ampersand (&), plus sign(+), minus sign (-), dot(.), forward or backslash (/, \) or question mark (?). If they do, the illegal characters will be omitted when the page name is constructed.


URL's can be also rewritten to custom page names using the "Pages" option in module settings. Each page can have custom name that will be used in URL.

If no custom rule is entered, the original page name is used.



After the module is installed and active you will see standard DotNetNuke URL's when editing modules or browsing Admin or Host pages.
This is to prevent a lockout in case anything goes wrong. All other pages will show rewritten, "pretty" URL's.