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hand_32 Introduction

DNNMasters SEO & Performance Provider gives you complete control over DNN portal URLs. It will help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and performance of your DotNetNuke web site.


improve your site's Search Engines rank,
improve your site's performance,
have nice, human and SEO friendly, hierarchically structured URLs,
design your own URLs,
run multi-language site without the default DNN language string (/language/xx-YY/),
decide which part of the language string to show in URLs,
avoid search engines duplicate content penalty,
create nice, friendly URLs for most popular modules (7 plugins available as part of the module),
redirect non-www URLs to URL's,
redirect other domains to the domain you want indexed as main domain for SEO ranking,
redirect old domain(s) to current domain,
redirect IP URL to URL,
redirect old URLs (with extensions like .html, .htm, .asp, .php) to current  pages,
redirect changed or expired URL's to current ones,
change page extension to anything you can dream of (like pagename.html, pagename.dnn or pagename.yourname),
rewrite the Login and Register links to a uniform www.mydomain/register.aspx and www.mydomain/login.aspxlinks for all pages in portal (avoiding duplicate content penalty),
rewrite Terms and Privacy links to and links for all pages in portal (avoiding duplicate content penalty),
rewrite all /linkclick.aspx?linkid=xxxx to friendly urls (search engines can easily navigate and index),
set the space replace character in page names (default setting is -),
set the desired page name in URL to anything you like (different from menu page name),
set HTTP status codes of the redirects,
set redirect rules to Active/Not Active,
set custom Page not found 404 error message,
404 error message in multiple languages corresponding to your portal languages,
catch the generic Asp.Net 404 error messages (The resource cannot be found) and display custom 404 error,
keep your web alive (keep alive ping to any URL),
custom settings on “per portal” basis,
hosts can manage settings for all portals from any module instance,
default redirect rules are generated automatically,
custom rules can be exported and imported,
view and edit page name, description and keywords of any page from a single interface,
generate robots.txt file for any portal,
localization extension to present any number of pages on your portal in multiple languages,
friendly URLs for all portal languages,
manage viewstate on server to avoid sending it to client browser (cache in memory or XML file),
combine and minify css files,
combine & minify java script files,
load images from static domain(s) (if available) to speed up page loading,
preload images so the page shows up faster on initial loading.
use plug-in's that allow rewriting URL's created by other modules:
Active Social plug-in,
Active Forums plug-in,
Catalook Store plug-in,
DNN Blog module plug-in
DNNMasters Content Builder plug-in,
Ventrian News Articles plug-in,
Ventrian Property Agent plug-in,
Biz Modules UVG plug-in,
Mandeeps Live Blog plug-in,
2540Straightforward and easy to use interface

DNNMasters SEO & Performance Provider is a powerful package that combines ease of use and the ability to enhance your portals search engine ranking and user experience. The module interface is clear, intuitive and easy to use. Everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

globe2_32 Versatile yet easy to use

With DNNMasters SEO & Performance Provider you can easily increase the usability of your web with few mouse clicks.
The package contains several functional modules:

Redirect engine,
Rewrite engine,
Custom 404 error engine,
Keep Alive engine,
Caching engine,
Plug-in's engine.
Combine & Minify engine