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We produce some of the most popular DotNetNuke Modules, and also provide expert support for DotNetNuke users.


DNNMasters was formed in 2002 by a team of IT professionals who saw the potential in the platform which has since evolved into DotNetNuke. We saw the potential of DNN as a tool for businesses, so we knew there would also be a need for experienced, qualified, service oriented professionals to assist companies in achieving their goals.


Over the years DNNMaster's success at serving clients, and in developing modules that solve tough business problems, has brought the company the respect of many within the DotNetNuke community, and the gratitude of many clients. DNNMasters strives to achieve the highest level of standards and customer satisfaction, while providing clients with the products and services to support DotNetNuke use:


DNN Certified modules for managing websites.
Professional development of custom DotNetNuke modules.
Remote assistance, dnn administration and dnn consulting.
Excellent DotNetNuke support.
DNN Hosting services

With 94 reviews at Snowcovered.com, we have a satisfaction score of 4.51 out of 5. The average for the last 6 months is 5.0.
Our reviews at Snowcovered.com usually say “Great product” and “Awesome service.”
We think you’ll agree.


In over 7 years of providing DotNetNuke development, customization and support, we have developed the experience and the stability to be your DNN development partner. Contact us today for more information. Thank you for your interest in our company and our services. We look forward to working with you.


Wherever you are, wherever we are...We can serve you!

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+48 (18) 332 99 47