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The Directory View Module Options

The Directory View Module Options allow the administrator to customize the display and layout and to decide which users should be displayed and which shouldn't.







Photo Size - set the display size of user photo from MyPix
Page Size - number of records per page,
Sort direction - Ascending or Descending
Detail View - allow link to Detail View
Search operator - select operator for search conditions when using more than one field  (AND / OR),
Visible roles - select roles to be displayed and condition for selection (AND / OR),
Exclude roles - select roles to be excluded from display,




Allow Admin Search - allow predefined searches,
Start Search on load - records will be displayed when accessing the page,
Admin search - define the search values and operators that user will have access to,




select template for displaying user profile data,
add new, edit or delete template,








This is a sample of a two column display template. The [DATA] tags each represent a column while the tags in lower text editor represent the profile fields (attributes),
The [Search] tag placed before attribute tag creates a search by attribute link (in this case a Country),





Country was set as a "search by" link and a click on it causes new search with "country contains Canada"




This allows kind of "group by" behavior in Directory View. Any number of attributes can be set as "search links" to allow users to search for people from the same city, county, club, company, zip code area, etc.,





Data visibility - select profile fields to be displayed,
Search 1, Search 2, Search 3 - set the search rows to visible or not (active) and select attributes that will be available for search,
Data Sort - set the field to sort by (alphanumeric),