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hand_32 Introduction

DNNMasters User Directory Manager 3.0 w/Ajax is an advanced module that displays directory of portal users.
The module adds three custom profile fields - MyPix, MyAudio and MyVideo - that allow upload and display of images, audio and videos in user profiles and in directory.
Directory Manager allows selecting profile fields for display (also custom fields), filtering members list by roles, excluding from display by role, sorting by any column, searches and editing account and profile data. Export in vCard and Excel formats.
Integration with DNNFusion My Profile and with Data Springs Dynamic Registration.
Easy PA installation, no core changes.

2540Straightforward and easy to use interface

DNNMasters User Directory Manager 3.0 is a powerful package that combines ease of use and the ability to customize the list content, use templates for viewing, edit profile data and display custom profiles. The directory can be sorted and searched by any column. The module interface is clear, intuitive and easy to use. Everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

globe2_32 Versatile yet easy to use

With DNNMasters User Directory Manager 3.0 you can easily display, sort and search a customized directory of your users with few mouse clicks.
The package contains nine modules:

DNNMasters UDM GridView
DNNMasters UDM DetailView
DNNMasters UDM DirectoryView
DNNMasters UDM Edit User
DNNMasters UDM Search
DNNMasters UDM Search Results
DNNMasters MyPix
DNNMasters MyAudio
DNNMasters MyVideo

and a skin object with UDM Search that allows full integration of the directory with portal skins.