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The Grid View Module Options

The Grid View Module Options allow the administrator to customize the display and layout and to decide which users should be displayed and which shouldn't.





Width - set grid width in pixels,
Height - set grid height in pixels,
Page Size - number of rows per page,




Allow Edit - allow users to edit their own profiles,
Detail View - show link to Detail View of user profile (what to display will be defined in the Detail View module),
Allow Export Data to Excel - show link that exports search result to Excel format,
Allow Data Export to vCard - show link that exports search results in vCard (.vcf) format (zipped file),
Search operators - select search operator for condition when using more than one field  (AND / OR),
Start Search on load - records will be displayed when accessing the page,
Show DNN Fusion MyProfile links - allows integration with MyProfile,
Integrate with Data Springs Dynamic Registration - allows listing of Dynamic Registration profile attributes in directory,
Visible roles - select roles to be displayed and condition for selection (AND / OR),
Exclude roles - select roles to be excluded from display,




Allow Admin Search - allow predefined searches,
Admin search - define the search values and operators that user will have access to,




Column visibility - select profile fields to be displayed,
Column Order - set display order for fields,
Search 1, Search 2, Search 3 - set the search rows to visible or not (active) and select attributes that will be available for search
Default Sort - set the field to sort by (alphanumeric), records can be also sorted by clicking on the grid column and sort order reversed (ascending/descending)




Select the vCard template,




Create new vCard template by mapping vCard attributes to user profile fields,