Global Settings

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Set your global settings as needed and click save.






Enable/Disable SEO Friendly URL Provider - this adds or removes the required web.config entry enabling or disabling the module.
Default page redirect rules are also automatically generated during the enable process,
Backup web.config file - original web.config will be saved in module folder as web.config.resources,
Encode National Characters - encode national characters as opposed to displaying them in original format,
IIS7 Additional Settings - Adds web.config entry specific for II7 when running with no page extension,
Cache timeout - Sets the cache time-to-live in minutes.
Rebuild Cache button - clicking it rebuilds the index cache,
Do Not Rewrite - do not rewrite anything matching the following strings in URL. Separate entries with | and escape . (dot) with \ (backward slash),
Keep Alive request (minutes) - sets global timing for Keep Alive HTTP requests. Keep Alive URLS are added per portal,
Convert Upper Case in URLS to Lower Case - convert upper case characters in page names to lower case,
Generate 301 rules for Upper to Lower case - auto-generate redirect rules for upper case to lower case conversion of page names,
Logging On / Off - turns the logging On/Off. Logs will be written to DotNetNuke Event Log,
Delete only Automatic Rules - deletes automatic redirect rules preserving custom rules added manually.
Delete all Rules - delete all redirect rules.
Create 404 Pages For All Portals - copies current page with the module (including the module and page security settings) to all portals,
Exclude file extensions - exclude following file extensions from processing by the module.
Automatic cache rebuild on Page Edit - if turned On index cache will be rebuilt (refreshed) on each Page Setting Update and changes will be immediately visible (new pages or changed page names).
Localization Selector - Select your localization provider or none if you are using core dnn or the extension built into the module..