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Module Overview

DNNMasters Content Builder Pro is an advanced content management module that allows flexible content organization, publishing, presentation and syndication.
Common content such as articles, news, announcements, press releases, etc can be organized into unlimited levels of categories. The content can then be presented and filtered by any combination of categories in as many module instances as desired and made available publicly or by subscription. Content layout can be further customized via XSL and CSS. Articles can be published and archived on set date. New and Featured icons can be set for display by date.
The module provides rating and commenting functionality for an interactive experience. A variety of roles such as Subscriber, Author, Approver and Publisher can be defined and linked to native DNN roles. You may also share content across DNN parent and child portals. The module is fully localized and seamlessly integrates with DNN search.

Remember, “content is king” and Content Builder Pro will get you on the throne fast and easy.


Module Details

DNNMasters Content Builder Pro consists of the following modules:

Content Builder Admin (CB.Admin)
omanage categories
omanage authors (picture, bio, etc)
obind category to a particular Full View instance
omanage global settings
bind categories to FullView instances
configure email subscriptions
manage permissions
Content Builder List View (CB.ListView)
opre configure category for display
orich display options
oHTML templates per instance
ocustom css file per instance
osorting options
ocomments on/off
oratings on/off
oRSS feed
oand much more...
Content Builder Full View (CB.FullView)
oSEO insert article title in page Title tag
ocustomize layout via XSL file
omulti page articles
ocomment article (optional, permissions)
orate article (optional, permissions)
oemail a friend
oauthor short bio (optional)
oauthor bio (optional)
oHTML templates
Content Builder Single View (CB.SingleView)
oinject article title into module title
orich display options
Content Builder Article Browser (CB.ArticleBrowser)
osort by any column
ogroup by any column
oadd new article
select category
select author
add description
add editors note
select / add thumbnail image to appear on ListView
add external link (source info, etc)
add public content
add subscriber content
set publish date
set archive date
set Featured expiry date
set New expiry date
select portals to publish on
add "Is Video" icon
set SEO title
set SEO description
set SEO keywords
insert External SQL data
oedit article
oview selected article
Content Builder Author Browser (CB.AuthorBrowser)
obrowse authors and articles
orich search and display options
ogroup by any column
osort by any column
Content Builder Ticker (CB.Ticker)
orich display options
Content Builder Email Subscriptions (CB.EmailSubscription)
oemail templates
osubscribe to new content by category
Content Builder External Content (CB.ExternalSources)
oselect by query, map and display SQL data in CB articles


Road Map

October 15th
oTelerik RAD Editor built into the module
oHTML templates
oMulti Page articles
October 31st